The Neck Sofa

Orchestra Health Solutions is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Gabriel Paris, LLC., patent owner and manufacturer of the revolutionary Neck Sofa. The Neck Sofa is the ultimate support pillow, harnessing cutting-edge medical technology to improve your quality of life. This product is so unique and effective that CEO Shea Arender and his team at Orchestra Health Solutions are conducting the process of getting it Medicare- and Medicaid-accredited, which would make it the first of its kind. 


The Neck Sofa is chiropractor-recommended due to its 12 distinct functionalities and health benefits, ideal for not only those recovering from medical conditions but also anyone suffering from muscle pain, stiffness, fatigue, or tension. For example, the regular and side positions provide comfort and support for using a computer at work, watching TV, reading, and other uses recommended by a doctor, while the massage position helps you relax for a massage or nap. The Neck Sofa is also perfect for easing discomfort while traveling. Not only that, but using the Neck Sofa over time can help you adjust your posture and position in the long term, preventing aches and pains down the road. 


Its breakthrough patented technology took three years to develop, the key innovation being the inner supportive structure that provides the best support to the head and neck you can find. The Neck Sofa also features light memory foam and a washable, soft Velour pillowcase, making for an ideal multi-use pillow designed to fit your unique body shape.


Keeping up with some of the challenges of modern lifestyle, the Neck Sofa addresses a now common condition known as “text neck,” an overuse syndrome caused by excessive leaning forward of the head. This is why Brenda V. of Bridgeport, CT, recommended the Neck Sofa, which in seven months helped her son remedy his leaning head condition. Additionally, Janet Watkins of the United Kingdom, who slept with the Neck Sofa to accommodate her broken neck and back, said it prevented her from EVER waking up with a stiff neck. 


Whether you have a medical condition or you just suffer from the aches and pains that afflict everyone at some point, the Neck Sofa could be your solution for a more comfortable and balanced life. Now, thanks to Orchestra Health Solutions and its international business affiliations, the Neck Sofa is on its way to being available to the public in the United States and throughout the globe. Get yourself supported, and see why people are calling the Neck Sofa a revolution in neck comfort. Fill out the following interest form for a no-cost personal needs assessment.